Building for Success Child Care Conference 2019

in partnership with MCCRN, Prince George’s County Public Schools:

Before and After School Extended Learning Program

& Early Childhood Special Education

A Conference for Child Care Professionals 

Welcome to the 2019 Building for Success conference! Our theme this year is “Conscious Discipline”, which will come through loud and clear in DJ Batiste’s keynote address. Conscious discipline is comprised of seven powers and skills that support growth in adults first, children second. Skills and structures are designed to foster safety, connection and self-regulation. Join us on April 6, 2019 as we offer a variety of workshops that seek to employ the philosophies of “Conscious Discipline”.

KEYNOTE | DJ Batiste

DJ was a troubled child until his life was turned around when he had a teacher who utilized the skills and powers of Conscious Discipline. Dj shares his remarkable journey and how his life truly changed after spending a year in Ms. Donna Porter’s classroom. Ms. Porter used the skills she had learned through Conscious Discipline to make a connection withy DJ. That connection began a transformation in his life which set him on a new trajectory of success. His dynamic personality captivates audiences everywhere as DJ speaks to administrators, teachers, parents and students. He uses his life experience from being expelled asa preschooler to leading a gang by the age of 9, to paint a vivid picture of just how important the skills introduced his senior year were to setting him up for a successful adult life.