Build your Talent Stack

This past week, I got to interview Yishan Chan from Build your Talent Stack. I presented the most frequently asked questions from my students with the hopes of encouraging them to build their talent stacks while cultivating evergreen skills.

Topics covered:

– Planning your career

– How to overcome imposter syndrome

– Resume tips: should I leave small jobs off my resume or keep them on?

– How to discover your zone of genius

– How do you continuously learn

Listen to episode 55

Thanks again Yishan for this podcast collaboration.

Instructional Design Lady Podcast

The Instructional Design Lady Podcast is now available. Immerse yourself into the world of instructional design vis a vis learning theories, common instructional design models, and methods that decolonize the syllabus. On this podcast, I discuss the various roles of instructional designers; working effectively with subject matter experts; and understanding quality control for instructional designers, while improving design skills.

Cover Art

Instructional Designer, Teacher Educator, and Ubuntugogist

I admire all of the processes and intricacies of learning, thus designing instruction is my calling. I’m devoted to ensuring that learners are in charge of their learning and that learners co-design their instruction. In addition to designing instruction, I also function as a teacher educator and an ubuntugogist. Using the seminal work of Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura, I infuse afro-centric ideologies within the instructional design process. 


Bangura, Abdul. (2005). Ubuntugogy: An African educational paradigm that transcends pedagogy, andragogy, ergonagy, and heutagogy. 22. 13-53.

Bangura, Abdul Karim (2017). African-Centered Internet Literacy: An Ubuntugogy Metadata Approach, Journal of Pan African Studies.